Why You Should Never Discount Lash Services

{Warning Hot Take} We see this question come up a lot in lash forums, “Should I discount my services?” The short answer is NEVER EVER. We learned this lesson the hard way. When our salon was growing, we used to offer flash deals all of the time to fill appointment slots. 20%, 30%, and even 50% off lash services. At one point in time we were giving up around $5,000 per month in discounts! That’s bad for business. When you provide a service, any beauty service, there is a very narrow profit margin already. Let’s say you charge $150 for a set, sounds good right? Now out of that $150 you have to pay your rent, supplies, utilities, taxes, maybe even payroll. Let’s say that after all of those things are paid, you have a 20-30% profit margin. If you offer a 25% discount on that service, now you’re in the red. You can end up lashing for free and giving away all your profits before you’ve paid yourself. Now you can see why the math doesn’t work on this, and many lash artists make up arbitrary discount numbers without really understanding their cash flow and how much wiggle room there is for discounts. Working with a consultant like @strategies4biz can help you better understand YOUR business's finances.

Additionally, discounting services may bring in the wrong clientele. Do you want a client list full of the deal seekers who will visit once and never come back? When you value your work and know your worth, the right clients will be willing to pay your prices. Too often as lash artists, we undersell ourselves. Remember, you are providing a luxury service and you are a talented artist, your time is too valuable to give away for free.

So how do I attract new clients if I can’t offer a discount? There are a number of ways to entice new clients that don’t involve cutting into your profits. Start with retail. The margin on retail is a lot greater, meaning more room to offer discounts and freebies there. Offer your clients a fixed percentage off aftercare products or gift them a free serum or lash splash if they need it. Your clients will feel like a VIP and it builds loyalty which will keep them coming back to you.

How do you add value for your clients?

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