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Why You Should Never Discount Lash Services

{Warning Hot Take} We see this question come up a lot in lash forums, “Should I discount my services?” The short answer is NEVER EVER. We learned this lesson the hard way. When our salon was growing, we used to offer flash deals all of the time to fill appointment slots. 20%, 30%, and even 50% off lash services. At one point in time we were giving up around $5,000 per month in discounts! That’s bad for business. When you provide a service, any beauty service, there is a very narrow profit margin already. Let’s say you charge $150 for a set, sounds good right? Now out of that $150 you have to pay your rent, supplies, utilities, taxes, maybe...

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The Truth About Lashing From Home

“Be a lash boss!” Motivational quotes and examples of lash artists enjoying financial success and freedom are prevalent in our Instagram feeds. In no other area of the beauty industry do we see so much pressure to be an entrepreneur. Running a lash business CAN be liberating and CAN be financially rewarding when it’s done properly. If you are running your lash business out of a room in your home, not only is this against the law in some states, but it can create a host of issues for both you and your clients that can be avoided when you operate from a designated commercial space: In many states, including Massachusetts, in order to run a salon business, you need...

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